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Image of RX-7 FD Drive By Wire Throttle Pedal Mount V3

RX-7 FD Drive By Wire Throttle Pedal Mount V3


New and improved throttle pedal mount, now with adjustability! Still lightweight, and still rigid. Provides adjustability in all three axes - up/down, left/right and front/back.

The lower, rearward position (shown) is the same as stock. The other positions allow the pedal to be raised 1/2", or brought 1/2" closer to the driver, or both. Side-to-side adjustability is nearly infinite with the use of spacing washers (not shown).

Careful thought has been put into this design, to allow clear access with a socket and extension for easy installation and removal. Includes all necessary mounting hardware. Bolt in installation - no modifications needed!

Designed exclusively for use with the 5th Gen Camaro pedal (AC Delco P/N 22741799).

Fits both LHD and RHD FD3S RX-7s.

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