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Image of RX-7 LED Projector Headlights (FD3S 93-95)

RX-7 LED Projector Headlights (FD3S 93-95)

$1,100.00 - Sold out

Bi-LED Projector headlight assemblies for the FD RX-7. These use the incredible Morimoto M-LED projector assemblies and consist of a modified Sonar headlight housing and two precision engineered cast urethane parts. The two piece housing design means that the lens need not be removed from the headlight for installation, and the projector assembly can be removed at any time without baking the whole assembly in an oven! The two-piece housing screws together with four screws and a rubber o-ring seals the two halves of the housing together.

Unlike HID systems, LED lights produce very little heat so there is no worry of melting or burning the housing or lens. They are also easier on your electrical system and do not require any relays or heavier gauge fused circuits.

Making these clear the stock RX-7 headlight brackets was a challenge, but we have succeeded!

This was a limited production run and all sets have been sold. May return at a future date if there is enough interest.

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