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Image of RX-7 Fuel Slosh Cover

RX-7 Fuel Slosh Cover

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Designed for the early FD RX-7, this cover helps prevent fuel starvation in high G corners by limiting the amount of fuel that can spill over the edges of the fuel sump tray. This is very similar to the "Hyperion" design, but made entirely from fuel resistant CNC machined polymer.

The two piece design allows more complete coverage of the fuel sump while still being able to pass though the fuel tank opening. A soft, fuel resistant foam rubber cord gasket ensures a complete seal around the full perimeter. The cord gasket can be pre-installed in the groove and helps hold both pieces together as the the assembly is inserted into the tank - it acts as a sort of "hinge".

Once inside the tank, the screws are installed and the cover becomes one rigid piece. The gasket groove is extra deep, allowing the top flange of the fuel sump to sit inside the groove and locate the cover. The cover is retained by four 316 Stainless Steel zip ties (included).

Tested to fit with a single Walbro 485 pump in the stock hanger. Also available with a larger cutout to accommodate the CJM twin fuel pump hanger, although this has not yet been tested in-situ.

Another nice feature of the polymer construction is that it is much easier to cut and modify if necessary for alternative pump setups, and it won't rattle!

Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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