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Image of RX-7 ATX-30 Lithium Ion Battery Tray

RX-7 ATX-30 Lithium Ion Battery Tray


**Email me if you are interested and I can get this going!**

This battery tray makes it easy to mount an Antigravity ATX-30 or ATX-30 HD Lithium Ion battery in the rear passenger side bin of a 93-95 Mazda RX-7 FD3S.

This battery is gaining popularity due to its relatively low cost, extremely low weight (~5 lbs) and high cranking amps (880). It also features Antigravity Batteries' exclusive Re-start technology, which prevents over discharge in the event of a parasitic draw.

I personally have been using this battery to crank a 425hp LS3 V-8 and it starts no problem!

Installation requires removal of the bins which will allow you to drill the four tray mounting holes and holes for wires to pass through. I also recommend installing a disconnect switch and a 200 or 250 amp Mega fuse as close to the positive battery terminal as possible.

NOTE: Battery, disconnect bracket/switch, fuse and wiring NOT included! Price includes the tray, tie rods and strap that goes over top of battery.

Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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